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9.21-- Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 25, 2020


I'll be in Los Angeles for two concurrent art events this weekend, both of which I am super excited about!! They qualify for the completely serious and genuine application of the phrase "it me" me.

The first:

Technobuddha Pop-up

day-long conference about the intersections of buddhism, art, and mental health.

Bonbu Stories is a performing arts collaborative comprised of myself and five other seriously amazing humans I am so lucky to call my dear friends-- they're incredibly kind, compassionate, honest, open..... and also extremely talented artists, of course!

We'll be performing an ambitious narrative piece comprised of spoken word/ taiko / violin / guitar / koto / voice at the end of the program as part of an open mic.

The open mic portion will be free to the public, but the conference itself requires registration (there's still time!!!). We'll also be facilitating a workshop earlier in the day on using music as a tool for self-expression.

tl;dr-- the deets:

Saturday 9.21 | ~5pm

West LA Buddhist Temple

what: performing Ways of Being*

For more info: Facebook Event

Or send me a message!

*CW: Our baby focuses on a sensitive topic-- suicidal ideation-- and can be graphic at times. Discretion advised to those sensitive to this topic.

When I said I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, "performing artist" was definitely not on that list, but I've come to love certain aspects as I do my visual media. I would love to see you there!


The second:

NAMI Urban LA Pop-up: Music. Community Conversation. Telling Our Stories II.

intimate gathering focusing on mental health and communities of color, featuring a panel discussion + live performances

I wish I could have planned this event. This is so cool!!!!!! You want an amazing panel of professionals (of color!) discussing the intersections of mental health and cultural background? check. What about live performances including poetry readings?? check. Mental health resources??? check. Some of my art on display???? CHECK. All of this for FREE?????? CHECK Y'ALL.

I'll probably be there from 2-4ish and again at the end of the program. In addition to this being a great event, this is only the second time I'm displaying my art publicly (help mE), so I would love to see some familiar faces!!

tl;dr-- the deets:

Saturday 9.21 | 2-7pm

Hot and Cool Cafe

what: displaying some art

For more info: Facebook Event

The intersection of mental health x art x community has become an increasingly important subject to me as a result of my personal experiences and a desire to connect and share with others. I've found immense healing and calm in events like these and wish they were more prevalent and accessible-- please take advantage of these opportunities!!!


In other news, I feel so scattered with so many different projects/ideas up in the air--all nascent, tiny babies that need more attention than I'm giving them. I keep thinking that I need a day to myself to just chill and do what I want to do/make what I want to make, but I realize I do that and then I feel bad because my babies start crying from lack of attention. To be fair though, only a few babies have a due date so the others are just guilt-tripping me.

anyway, this is my internal state for pretty much every day:

I think I'll embroider it and frame it.

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