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hey hi hello!!!

I made a website!! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

For all of its upsides, instagram often feels too rigid and inconvenient for me-- too much difficulty with resolution and detail, my captions are always far too long for the format, how to hashtags???? Along with this, I found I was spending too much time worrying about creating a recognizable social media brand and curating an ~aesthetic~ feed, and it was preventing me from posting and creating. This isn't to say that branding and aestheticizing are easy or useless-- they are quite the opposite. Personally though, I have a difficult time trying to form a single persona that fully represents the who/what/why of my art/process, and to be quite honest the anxiety around not being perceived as who I think I represent myself to be was getting (and still is) ridiculous.

tumblr user biff-donderglutes writes "Bro why is being perceived such an ordeal". tumblr user fortooate replies with an edited screenshot from Portlandia of a dark-haired woman in glasses saying, "It's the being interpreted"
a post I think about almost daily

So of course to avoid this hard work of social media-ing, I put in the......hard work.......of making a website to simultaneously upkeep with my instagram...... for "ease" and for "freedom of expression"....... _(:3」∠)_

Also, now I can talk as much as I want about bts things/process/worries without fear of alienating people.

We'll see how this goes!!


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